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AGV at the service of my company

AGV's at the service of my company

Automation and digitalisation are the fundamental bases of the evolutionary process that companies have been following in recent years on their way to implementing a working model adapted to the Industry 4.0. In this process, the automatic guided vehicles or AGV are a tool of the first order. Their arrival has revolutionised logistics processes as we knew them until now.

In the AGV's a number of the most innovative technologies are brought together. Artificial vision tools, the Machine Learning or the Internet of Things (IoT), among others, have made it possible for the AGV's are the present and the future of the industry. So much so that it is expected that soon more than 250,000 automated guided vehicles will be present in companies all over the world.

The use of AGV's is applicable to any type of industrial environment thanks to its high capacity to adapt to the needs of each company. It can be applied to both industrial and logistics processes, thereby achieving improvements in safety, efficiency, time reduction and process optimisation.

Its connectivity and integration with business management systems (ERP's), as well as an adaptable guidance system, provides greater flexibility to the AGV'sThis allows for instant reprogramming, an automatic change of activity, as well as an increase or decrease in its speed of movement.

AGV in the company

The AGV's can be adapted to any sector provided that specific materials are used and minor parameterisations are made to adapt their systems to the areas in which they will be working.

In the automotive sector, for example, it is possible to adapt the AGV's to engine, chassis or gearbox assembly lines, avoiding workers to carry out tasks repetitive y by increasing thus its productivity. In the area of food, we can introduce them in the production chains to perform handling tasks, thus avoiding human contact and meeting quality standards more easily.

Other sectors making frequent use of mobile robots are the food industry, the health and the pharmacistThe use of these technologies in the delivery of medicines, the transport of medicines or even the implementation of disinfection tasks.

Artificial intelligence applied to robotics

The mobile robots as a general rule make up a system GPSwhich makes it very easy to guide them through established routes or control them live remotely. If we also connect your software with artificial intelligencewill be able to learn and carry out tasks with established patterns with low error rate. The combination of Artificial Intelligence with the robotics has led to a revolution in the planning, development and execution of the supply chain work system.

As a company, having logistics robots The benefits of AI, together with the benefits of AI in your work systems, make the difference with respect to the rest of your competitors, giving you a competitive advantage that will not only improve your position in the sector but will also have a positive impact on your internal management and organisation, increasing the levels of efficiency and productivity of your employees. efficiency, efficiency y profitability.

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