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Humi, the robot from La Rioja that will speed up automation in the service sector, is born

The Riojan firm Umibots launches Humi, the robotic solution that seeks to improve the efficiency and quality of logistics in the wine, tourism, hospitality, commercial and events sectors.

In turn, Humi has evolved into a specific product for wineries called Humi Wine, which moves autonomously, tells the story of the wineries and their wines, and allows for optimisation and control of stock volumes.


The Riojan company Umibots, dedicated to the development of robotic solutions, launches Humia robot that aims to revolutionise the service sector and accelerate the automation of logistics in the wine, tourism, hospitality, retail and events sectors.

Umibots provides solutions that help organisations to improve productivity in different application areas, such as industrial, logistics or healthcare processes. These systems work under customised software and, together, develop customised and scalable automation solutions.

In this context, Humi was born, the collaborative robot for the service sector that helps to significantly improve the efficiency and quality of service in organisations; promotes cost savings due to the automation of logistics processes; supports its professionals to optimise time and travel, while revolutionising the customer experience through the use of simple and secure technology.


This robotic solution can be perfectly integrated with other technologies and can be extrapolated to the industrial world and logistics inside industries and warehouses. Humi is capable of transporting materials or components, with a maximum weight of 40 kilograms, to any point in the factory; it has an autonomy of 15 hours of operation and only needs a Wi-Fi connection. The simplicity of use and its rapid implementation, which easily allows changes in the routes and movements it performs, make the robot available to all types of companies.

Humi Wine, the winery robot

The company Umibots wanted to go one step further and guide Humi to the wine sector. This has led to the emergence of Humi Winethe robotic solution focused on warehouses.

Humi Wine can move autonomously inside the wineries, predefining its route and stops; it has the capacity to avoid obstacles, guaranteeing its safety, and is capable of transporting objects with high positioning precision. It also has an acoustic system that narrates the history of the wineries and their wines, supported by the projection of videos and images through its touch screen.

In a complementary way, Humi Wine can incorporate technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID), achieving additional functionalities such as product traceability control or warehouse inventories, allowing the optimisation and control of stock volumes in warehouses.

Umibots, a step into the future of robotics

The Riojan company Umibots has been founded with the aim of advancing in the creation of the future of robotics. Derived from the versatility, adaptation and agile implementation of its services, the company is committed to integrating itself into the robotics market worldwide. With this objective in mind, all the solutions are updated and are based on constant improvement both in their software and in the AGV robots themselves, which are becoming faster and more efficient every day.

Umibots was born as an initiative of The Wicka venture builder that accompanies start-ups in their growth process.

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