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UMIBOTS, mobile robotics

A wide catalogue of robotics systems with the aim of providing efficient automation solutions that help to improve productivity in a wide range of applications, such as industrial, logistical or socio-healthcare processes.

These systems work under software that we have custom-built. Together they make customised and scalable automation solutions.

All our products are updated and based on constant improvement both in their software and in the AGV robots themselves, which are faster and more efficient every day.

Umibots Basis Who we are
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Industrial applications

Autonomous mobile robots designed to significantly optimise productivity in industrial operations.

  • Production flows
  • Material handling
  • Logistics trains
  • Goods to the person

Service sector

HUMI is a robotic solution to help the service sector: hotels, retail, hospitality, events... to significantly improve efficiency and service quality.

  • Robot with remote control
  • Efficient delivery
  • Flexible and modular
  • High precision
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Last mile logistics

Logistics robots for warehouses, factories and distribution centres provide a fully integrated solution.

Storage operations:

  • Vertical operations
  • Receipt and dispatch


Umibots was born as an initiative of The Wick with the aim of advancing the creation of the future of robotics.

Umibots has been selected by The Wick as a benchmark project for innovation in startups due to the broad possibilities of its business idea. Thanks to the versatility, adaptation and agile implementation of its services, it is committed to a rapid inclusion in the market thanks to the possibilities it has to position itself at the forefront of the robotics market worldwide.

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The Wick accompanies emerging companies in their growth process. It is an open innovation space where business knowledge, technological capabilities and talent generation come together to make tomorrow's products and services a reality.

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